As I talk about Twit­ter with peo­ple, there seem to be three camps:

1) The Twit­ter Addicted: These are peo­ple that swear that life as they know it would stop if Twit­ter went away. They fol­low every­one and actu­ally read every Tweet. They may limit their fol­lows to celebri­ties or mar­ket lead­ers or every one in their school, but they LOVE LOVE LOVE the never end­ing flow of infor­ma­tion (even use­less infor­ma­tion) that flows from the Twittosphere.

2) Cor­po­rate Amer­ica (who have embraced social) & Social Media Goons: These include peo­ple that are look­ing to turn Twit­ter into a way that actu­ally dri­ves rev­enue, brand aware­ness, or even per­sonal on-line net worth. I guess it also includes the Twit­ter Spam­mers who send out 50 Tweets a day explain­ing how you can make $570/hour if you would just click their link. There are indi­vid­u­als here who are also Twit­ter Addicted – but again, the goal is to use the Twit­ter as a tool, more than a toy.

3) The Twit­ter Uni­ti­ated: These are peo­ple that think that Twit­ter is stu­pid and prob­a­bly the biggest waste of time ever invented. Who could pos­si­bly be inter­ested in hear­ing what Char­lie Sheen is drunk­enly bab­bling about, much less what your neigh­bor is say­ing when he walks into the local super­mar­ket to buy a loaf of bread.

I am def­i­nitely a bleed­ing edge Techno­geek. I love new tech­nol­ogy and new ideas and am always try­ing to find ways to push the lim­its of what prod­ucts were designed to do (e.g. jail­break­ing my over­worked iPhone/iPad, wiring my home with more servers and net­work cable than most small com­pa­nies, etc.). My cousin often yells at me for installing too many apps on my com­puter and then grum­bling about how unsta­ble it has become. How­ever, even though I cre­ated a Twit­ter account back in early 2008, I would have con­sid­ered myself in that third camp until a few months ago.

I spent last week­end with a few dif­fer­ent groups of peo­ple who def­i­nitely thought Twit­ter was stu­pid and I found myself in the inter­est­ing role of defend­ing a con­cept that I have only semi-recently embraced. I thought it would be inter­est­ing to share why peo­ple are in the “Twit­ter Sucks” camp. We should keep these com­plaints in mind as we develop new appli­ca­tions, seek new con­tent absorbers, and tweet with reck­less aban­don. I will spend a future post (“Twit­ter Does Not Suck, right?”) address­ing why I have found Twit­ter to be use­ful both as a mar­keter as well as a mar­ket­ing tool.

So, here’s my top ten list on why Twit­ter Is Stupid

  1. I don’t have enough time to read my e-mail and barely enough time to occa­sion­ally look at Face­book., I don’t have time to fol­low Twitter.
  2. It’s impos­si­ble to com­mu­ni­cate any­thing of any value in 140 characters.
  3. Why should I tweet? Who cares what I have to say!?
  4. I looked at Twit­ter and there are peo­ple fol­low­ing 25,000 peo­ple – that just proves how ridicu­lous of a tool it is.
  5. The tweets I looked at seem to be noth­ing more than peo­ple push­ing get rich quick links.
  6. Ran­dom ram­blings of famous peo­ple is stu­pid enough – much less those of peo­ple I don’t care about.
  7. Twit­ter seems to be noth­ing more than a game to get as many fol­low­ers as pos­si­ble. What pos­si­ble value is there if peo­ple are just blindly fol­low­ing who­ever fol­lows them?
  8. Twit­ter is filled with peo­ple auto­mat­i­cally post­ing links from RSS feeds. I can just open a web site and get bet­ter info.
  9. There are 9000 other ways to get a mes­sage to some­one (e-mail, voice, text, IM, fax, car­rier pigeon), why should I bother with Twitter?
  10. And the #1 rea­son why Twit­ter is Stu­pid — Justin Bieber.

What do you think?

See this post for the coun­ter­point to this arti­cle: